A tribute to a soul who knew no fame, wealth, or pride

I first met him at my uncle’s place,
Painting the walls with a smiling face.
Unc’ introduced him as an old school friend,
Who was always around with a hand to lend.

His name was Arul and he had not finished school,
As a kid, he would always bend every rule.
But he used to encourage me to study well,
With my every success, his heart would swell.

Now, Arul was a very simple man,
He lived for the moment and he would hardly plan;
With him around, there was always laughter and fun,
He loved cracking jokes but ne’er hurt anyone…

Don't let Covid spoil your day

Whenever a lockdown is announced, the rants and complaints flow on Facebook. Particularly from parents who do not know what to do with their kids. As the father of a 10-month-old son, I can relate. There is nothing worse than having a disgruntled, fussy baby at home who cries all day.

When I come home from work, I am greeted with a smile from my wife who has to deal with our toddler all day. Last week, I asked her how she does it. She listed out 10 activities she has added to her schedule. …

What decisions would you make?

If life was a game, how would you play it?
Would you go till the end, or give up and quit?
If you rolled the dice and moved back to the start,
Would you brush it off, or take it to heart?

If life was a game, would you push on through,
The obstacles in your way, whether many or a few?
Would you hope and expect, to reach the end fast,
Or take your own time, and make the moment last?

Would you choose a path of least resistance,
Or test the limits of your perseverance? …

But I will keep on writing, and this is why

Person typing on laptop
Person typing on laptop

It’s every writer’s dream to have one of their articles curated. After writing close to 35 articles over the past 4 months, I recently learned that none of them has been curated. This came as a surprise since there were at least a few that were well received by publications. On reading a few articles about curation on Medium, I figure I must be in curation jail by now. Which is demoralizing, to be honest.

However, I will continue writing on Medium at least till the end of this year. You may wonder why I bother. After all, I have…

Learnings from my first year as a resume writer

As a part-time resume writer, I have enjoyed reviewing dozens of resumes of varying styles over the past year. Today we have so many software and styles available to us, that boring black and white resumes are soon becoming a thing of the past. However, it is important to not get carried away while designing your resume. The focus should still be on the content and presenting what is relevant and important for the role. I have incorporated my learnings as a resume writer over the year into 10 simple tips below. Hope you find it useful!

Include clear and up-to-date contact information

Every resume should…

It will make you happier, lighter and enhance your mood

This article is for the ones who don’t have 100 hours to learn a musical instrument. It’s for the ones who are on a budget. The ones who just want to chill on the grass on a hot day with a cool glass of lemonade and run their fingers aimlessly through the strings.

Life is unpredictable and challenging. 2020 taught us that. It also taught us to find our own ways of caring for ourselves. Some turned to meditation while others go for a walk or paint. Playing the ukulele is my way of connecting with the deeper part of…

Welcoming God in can be exhilarating and frightening at the same time

‘What’s on your mind?’ my wife asked. My mouth went dry, and my brain went into overdrive as I considered the pitfalls of opening up. I was worried about a swelling on my son’s skin and it was apparently evident from my expression. The neurons were firing.

Was this something worth sharing with her?

Would she start worrying too?

Should I pretend like I am fine?

A new study has shown that humans have around 6,000 thoughts a day. Imagine if each of them passed through God’s filter. Would you allow Him to see your thoughts? What would He think…

Michael Ranjitsingh

Love writing. Poetry, articles, reports, resumes-you name it. Product designer and sports buff. Fascinated by entrepreneurs and changemakers.

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